Established in 1991, the Dartmoor Tinworking Research Group (DTRG) aims to study and help preserve Dartmoor's unique tinworking heritage.


The Group visits many of the ancient, and more modern remains of stream-works, tin-mills, blowing-houses, and tin mines of Dartmoor.  The  site visits, discussions and field investigations provide valuable archaeological research as well as a vital way of sharing knowledge.


DTRG is an entirely independent body, raising its income from memberships, sales and donations.  See our Constitution here.


DTRG's main objectives are to advance the education of the general public, and in particular those living in and around Dartmoor, by researching  into the history, archaeology, cultural and scientific topics which may be associated with the Dartmoor tin industry, to promote the conservation of features associated with Dartmoor tinworkings and to disseminate the results.


DTRG does this in three main ways:


DTRG Publication "The Tinworking Landscape of Dartmoor in its European Context" Papers presented at DTRG Conference 2016.  Available in Shop.

Field Trips

The DTRG has a full programme of field trips planned, visiting sites of particular interest of research.  These trips provide an invaluable way of gaining knowledge and accurate site assessments.  Trips are assisted by members with key expertise in certain areas.


When required, DTRG members carry out surveys of tinworking sites to produce detailed maps for research.  These maps are an invaluable resource to any study of Dartmoor's tin.


Not only does the DTRG document and research tinworking sites all over Dartmoor, it helps preserve them too.  Areas are cleared so that a site can be studied by all.


The DTRG produces interpretations of its work as booklets, formal displays and exhibitions, such as the Brimpts Trails Display Room, partly funded by DNPA’s Moor Than Meets The Eye Landscape Partnership.

The Brimpts Trail project is a fantastic amalgamation of DTRG's work, with self-guided trails that explore the substantial mine workings at Brimpts and a hugely informative display room display room.


Ongoing research and work by the DTRG has resulted in unique Gazetteers of both Dartmoor's Tin Mines and Dartmoor's Tinners' Huts.  These can be viewed using the QGIS online mapping system.

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